About Us

New Zealand Horse Transport Limited, is owned and operated by Scott Sutton, Di Sutton and Kenny Moore, from their Rangiora base.


Scott became involved in horses when he started driving standard bred racehorses since he was 12 years old. Having worked in a number of predominantly harness racing stables for the likes of the late Bob Beck, and Henry Skinner in Southland.

It wasn't too long after Di and Scott were married, that

they moved from Southland to Canterbury, where Scott

worked for both Barrie and Brent Lilley in Kaiapoi.


Having spent the majority of his working life in the

transport industry, (28 years to date) it was an absolute

"no brainer" for Scott to grasp the opportunity with both

hands when approached by the previous owners of

NZ Horse Transport (2014) Limited, to purchase this

exciting venture. 


Working with horses is indeed Scotts passion, and driving

trucks around the countryside certainly comes a close


Scott still drives "fast work" (when time allows of course),

more recently for Woodend based Harness Racing Trainer

Greg and Nina Hope, and Bevan Heron in Rangiora. 


New Zealand Horse Transport, can provide you with a nationwide service for all your horses travel requirements. Our trucks are regularly serviced to ensure reliability and continuity of service. Our internal camera systems allow the driver to monitor the well being of your horse from the truck cab, whilst the horses are in transit. 


If you require any further information about New Zealand Horse Transport Limited, please don't hesitate to contact us direct. We welcome your enquiries and look forward to being of service to you, for all your future horse transportation needs.